Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Well, Sickness Has Struck

Yep, we've been able to avoid so much of this yucky, long-lasting sickness everyone else in the world seems to have gotten until today. Both kids woke up with fevers. Evan's has been the highest around 102 and other than tired and only a tiny appetite, he seems okay. However his fever seems the hardest to bring down. Lauren's fever has been around 101 and she has thrown up 3 times today, has had virtually no appetite, but her fever seems more controllable. They both, including me, took 2 hour naps. I've been feeling low in energy the past few days, and I think I've been suffering from allergies with all of nature starting to bud and bloom, but from my dead-tired, hard hitting nap I took, I think I'll keep an eye on myself in case I'm starting to get sick vs. it being allergies.

I posted on facebook today a funny/sarcastic message to people: I would like to thank everyone who has checked up on us this week (and there were quite a few) by asking if our family has been sick yet this season and then shocked when I've answered no. I think you all had ulterior motives and jinxed us--both kids woke up with fevers today and one has already thrown up. This could be a long day....

I wasn't kidding--so many people this past week asked me if we had been sick yet, and then preceded to tell me how their family members had been sick. It does kind of feel like we were jinxed. Roger is getting off early and going grocery shopping for me (which is what I was planning on doing with the kids today), so I'm very appreciative of that. I'm praying very hard that this will be short-lived because we were supposed to have a busy weekend.

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  1. Yuck! Sorry your kiddos are sick. My kids have been sick numerous times since we have been in WI, but the doctor told me that happens when you move to a new area.
    Hope it is short lived!!!