Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sickness Diagnosis

I kept hoping nobody would get sick January or February because of Roger switching jobs and we did not have insurance until March. However, that didn't mean that I wanted sickness to come in March. Oh well, I'm very thankful we were not sick enough to have to go to the Dr in those two months. We did have to go today though.

About 4:30 I decided Evan needed to be taken in to after hours care because I was suspecting strep throat. His fever still seemed high (although we've had strep before with no fever), but he was really sounding rough and started saying his throat hurt. I called Roger and he met us at the Dr's. The doctor looked in his throat and didn't even order a throat swab (much to Evan's happiness), he knew he had strep just by looking. We asked him to look at Lauren due to her fever and throwing up yesterday, but he said, nope, she just had a virus. So, off to the pharmacy for amoxicillan and new toothbrushes.

Hopefully nobody else in the house will contract strep, but in the mean time I will be Lysoling everything!

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