Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sandwich Saturday

Every third Sunday of the month, our church participates in Sandwich Saturday. We meet at the church at 9:30 am, pack brown lunch bags with sandwiches, bananas, cookies, and chips then we all drive downtown to a church where homeless/people in need know to come and we pass the lunches out along with bottled water. Our family has participated in 3 of these times. Last month it was the children's ministry as the group to participate. Roger was not able to go, but the kids and I did. It is really heartbreaking to see so many people lined up. There have been times when the turnout was larger than other times and we haven't had enough food and water. Then there have been times when the turnout was smaller and we were able to give people seconds on the food and water. Most of the people are friendly. Last time, the kids had traveled downtown in a friend's van, and we had to cross the street to retrieve Lauren's car seat and then walk back to our van. We were the last family to leave. I knew I should have asked my friend to drive over to our van so we could get the car seat, just to be safer, but I didn't ask. As the kids and I were walking back to our van, there were some men who were loudly making fun of Lauren sitting in a baby seat. Since then, I have asked the church to make sure that any single ladies have left before any men leave the premises, just for security reasons.

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