Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Workin' On the House

At the end of May Roger's parents came out to celebrate Evan's birthday, but to also help us put up new siding on the house. Things took a lot longer than expected, but the two tallest sides got done, and now Roger and I are trying to finish the shorter sides of the house. But, with Roger being tired after work, our weekends being incredibly busy, and the weather being in the high 90-100 degree temps, things are going slow. If all of the cards would just fall into place, we'd have it all done in one weekend, maybe one day. Hopefully our neighbors will have some patience with us and not start getting upset knocking on our door wondering when we'll be done. Keeping that in mind, we're trying to finish all of the parts of the house that are more easily seen by people who would drive by our house and will finish the back parts that are more hidden from the neighbors by our fence until the end.

Pulling off the old wooden vertical/horizontal siding:

Putting up the blue insulation and sheeting. We even finished one night using the headlights of the truck:

Putting up the siding. For the south side of the house, Roger had to back up the truck and put the ladder on the bumper to reach the very top of the house:

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