Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dishwasher Saga

Almost 7 weeks ago our dishwasher gave out on us. After doing some research Roger found what kind of machine he wanted and ordered it. By the time it arrived and got installed 2 or 3 weeks had passed. As soon as we tried to run a load, 3 times we got an error code. Called the repairman and he came out to look at it and figured out what needed to be replaced. Three weeks go by and finally the part has arrived and he came out this morning to install it. As soon as he left I started to run a load of dishes only to have the same error happen. Well, the manufacturer had told the repair place that this code meant a specific part needed replaced and that is what the repair place did. So, the company was wrong, or the new part is defective, or I think the machine is just totally messed up. We can't return the machine, so we have got to get this figured out. It's not that I am reliant on the modern convenience that cleans our dishes. I grew up washing dishes by hand, and my kids haven't actually minded helping me with that chore right now, so we are not stressed out at all. It's just that these machines are not cheap, so it kind of feels like time is money. We spent a lot of money and now everyone is trying to figure out what the problem is. I have a feeling it's going to take another few weeks until the company either gives us a new machine or some more parts have to be ordered and installed and hope that it finally works.  Oh well. Looking on the bright side, my kids get to learn how to do dishes the old fashioned way and we save some money on our electricity since we are not running a machine.


  1. Glad you can see the bright side of this. Not sure I would. I love using my dw. I hate when I have to go back to the old way of washing dishes.

  2. The repairman that has been working on our stove told me that if they have to come out 4 times in a year and make repairs the company has to provide you with a new appliance based on the lemon law.