Saturday, March 3, 2012

Signs of Spring

Spring has always been my favorite season. I love that the weather begins to get warmer, days longer, trees, flowers, and grass budding and blooming, and so much more. It means we can get out of the house more often after being cooped up inside so long in winter. However, this winter--well, I'm not even sure we had a winter. The weather was too warm and barely any snow. March 1st was above 70 degrees so my kids donned on shorts and we went outside to our yards to look for signs of spring. Here is what we found:
One of my lilies sprouting.
Kinda blurry, but these are purple weeds we get. Sometimes I think our yard is more like a meadow with all of the wild weeds we grow.
Fruit tree budding.
Robin looking for food.
Hey! That's actually some grass growing and not weeds.
The kids enjoying the warmth of the sun on the trampoline.
Had a horrible storm come through and knocked some shingles off the roof.

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