Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Birthday Party

My first born turned 11 years old last week. My how time is flying by. He chose a laser tag party to have with some friends at Laserquest. Just some info for you if you ever decide to have a party there have to have a minimum of 8 people for a party, and everybody gets to play 2 games and you get a tiny party room to have cake in. They provide you nothing for the party except the room and saving $1 off the cost of two games for everyone, oh and a sign that says Happy Birthday to the birthday child. But, no plates, napkins, silverware for your cake, or drinks. They did pass out game passes for the guests for buy one game and get a second free which was nice, but they expire in less than 2 months. Oh well...all of the boys had a great time, so I'm glad for that.

 The cake I made Evan was simply two square cakes and I frosted them to look like Lego blocks. The connectors were jumbo marshmallows we had that I cut in half and frosted. Evan decided he wanted to add some of his Lego people to the cake.

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