Thursday, May 17, 2012

Field Day

Our YMCA homeschool PE class had field day today. It started off with the kids being able to paint a bowl from Color Me Mine. I think they get to pick them up next week after they have been taken back to the shop and fired in a kiln. Then we headed outside for a 50 yard dash, egg/spoon race, 3 legged race, trivia contest, trying to get the teachers wet with water balloons, a wet sponge relay, and tug of war. After that the kids got to play in the sprinklers for a little bit and then we headed inside for a potluck lunch. 
The teachers had divided the kids into teams by colors ahead of time. Evan and Lauren had to wear blue shirts for their team.
Lauren (in the red cap) talking with her partner ready for the 3 legged race.

I am not sure how this tied in with the trivia game, but each team had to have 2 volunteers to get a "pie" in the face and Evan volunteered.
Didn't get a front shot of his face, but it's covered with the "pie".

Everyone lined up for the 50 yard dash.
This is not all of the students, but quite a few of them.
Everyone received certificate of achievements.

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  1. Wow! Looks like a lot of fun. My, how the home school class at the Y has changed since we did it a few years ago. We only had 4 students in the class and they didn't do any of the fun stuff you've told us about.