Monday, June 25, 2012

Slowly Moving In

We closed on our new house last Wednesday and beginning the day after that we have slowly been moving over what we can. We usually fill up the back of the van with boxes, but we also bought a trailer to hitch onto the back of the truck to transport big things, like the sectional couch, and also to transport the riding lawn mower back and forth between the two houses so we can cut the grass. We usually get in two trips a day moving things. We still can't completely move in yet, but that time is getting closer. Last Friday the carpet guy came and measured the bedrooms and hallway that we are replacing the carpet in and Saturday we ordered the carpet we want. Now we have to wait until that comes in and then within 2 days of that they will install the new carpet. To cut costs, we are removing the old carpet and padding ourselves, but that is no big deal at all. Once that's done we can start living there. By that time we should have most of our stuff already moved over except for the really big things that we will need help with. Then, we can start fixing up the current house in order to get that on the selling market. Busy, busy, busy. Plus, with the temps finally reaching into the hundreds for every day of the week, that heat just makes you want to stay inside and makes you feel so tired that it's difficult to even feel like wanting to move. But, I am thankful that we can do this slowly right now and not overstress or over heat ourselves. Here are a few before and after pics of the new house...

We had fireplace shelving and cupboards just like this in the old house, so I simply brought everything I already had on those shelves over to the new house to place onto the new shelves.

We brought over our china hutch and dining table and chairs.

The sectional couch, and tv and wii game system were brought over to keep the kids busy while hubby and I work on other things. Also, that arch way you see leads into what will be the school/play room and we have also already brought over board games and the doll house and train system for the kids to play with.

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