Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Right of Passage

For many months now Evan has wanted to be able to mow the lawn, but we have a riding lawn mower and he just hasn't been able to safely sit on the seat and reach the brake. He begged me on Sunday to let him try again and Roger agreed. Well, he can do it now, but it's kind of funny. He has to lean his weight back against the seat (some kind of safety feature) and reach his foot just a tad for the brake. The video shows him just driving around on the machine without actually mowing, but once dad saw that he could do it, he let Evan mow a lot of the yard. You could hear the mower sputter a few times like it was about to quit and back fire a little and Roger said that's because he keeps moving around too much on the seat? I kind of do that too, so I guess now Son and I need to just try to be more still or Dad says we will ruin the engine. I'm super excited for him!

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