Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pinterest Brownie/Cake Recipe

I love cake and really felt like some tonight. Roger took the kids to church and I really needed to stay home and have some by myself time, and I really wanted some cake. I had pinned a recipe from Pinterest I had been meaning to try so I made it tonight. It's a single serving microwavable chocolate cake you make in a mug that only takes about 1 minute to cook. It's like those Betty Crocker microwavable cakes you can buy in the store. It was rich and very chocolaty; so much so that the next time I make it I might even cut the recipe in half because a little bit will satisfy. It's definitely a great one to go back to the next time I feel like chocolate cake again, but nobody else in the family does--this way I won't have to bake a regular box of cake mix and most of it ends up going in the trash like so often happens because we don't get it eaten up quick enough before it goes bad.

In the recipe, I did forget to mix up the dry ingredients before adding the oil and water, and did end up biting into some little lumps of brown sugar, so that was pretty sugary sweet, so I need to remember to do that next time. Also, it says you can use milk, water, or coffee; I used milk. I also cooked it in the smallest Pyrex bowl I had instead of a mug. If you like chocolate cake try this recipe that the recipe actually calls a Two Minute Mug Brownie.


  1. I've seen a lot of mug cakes and most of the time I search for a chocolate mug cake I always ended up in blogs using Betty Crocker's mix. So I tried and hey not bad! It was great!