Saturday, August 11, 2012

YMCA Waterpark

Our plan this summer was to visit the YMCA waterpark many times this summer. Well.....our first, and probably last, time was yesterday. A friend from homeschool co-op asked if Evan could come join them at the waterpark, so the kids and I went. While Evan and his friend played together, Lauren and I played. She was happy to find out that to go on the lazy river by yourself there is no height requirement, you just have to be 8 years old, which she is now. I am so glad that she now enjoys going down waterslides, and swimming under water. Every year she seems to get braver when it comes to the water. After a little while being there, two other homeschooling families from co-op showed up. I was able to visit with the moms for a long time while Lauren had no problem going off and doing things by herself, and once in a while joining up with the older co-op girls to play. We were there for 2 hours. I was worried the water might be chilly since the outdoor temps were in the 80s when we first arrived, but it was actually quite refreshing. Lauren and I did venture into the indoor pool for a brief time, and that water was nice and warm.

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