Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Runaway Floating Soccer Ball

Tonight we were outside kicking the soccer ball around when it got away from us and ended up in the lake. This happened the other night and it wasn't a big deal because the breeze was blowing in a way that the ball stayed close to us and Roger waded in a little to reach it. Tonight, the wind was blowing the ball a different direction and it reached the middle of the lake before Roger waded in to try to get it. Thank goodness we have a great neighbor who has a canoe we could borrow. Roger went next door and knocked but nobody answered. We all were discussing the fact that our neighbor did say we could borrow it--he even lets the neighborhood kids play with his trampoline and other outdoor play equipment he has even when he's not home. Roger decided to go knock one more time in hopes they just didn't hear him the first time because the cars were in the driveway. What luck--they were home! Roger climbed in the canoe and went to get the soccer ball that was floating towards the south end of the lake where there are no houses and it is difficult to get to the shore through all of the tall grass and trees. When he reached it, Evan had the bright idea of Roger just pushing the ball to shore with the paddle. I had the bright idea of sending Evan into the house to get my camera the first time Roger went next door and knocked because I knew this would make a fun blog post!

Do you see the ball out in the middle of the lake? It's there.
Lauren singing about the saga of the runaway soccer ball with her guitar.
Evan waiting on the shore for the ball.

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