Monday, October 1, 2012

Celebrity Soccer Referee

Merril Teller, one of our local senior weathermen from TV, was Evan's referee at his soccer game this past Saturday. I didn't really recognize him until he started speaking and then right away I knew who it was. Cool!

Then, since the game was on the other side of town and we hardly get out that way, we went to Red Robin for lunch (we don't have one on our side of town). Evan is kind of growing out of eating off of the kids' menu, so he went for a larger meal. Yeah, he had to bring some of it home. There were a total of 7 riblets, coleslaw, 2 pieces of Texas toast, and mac and cheese. He asked the server to substitute the coleslaw for fries, and they brought out a basket for him in addition to the slaw. His eyes were huge when he saw all of the food on his plate. I don't think the picture does it all justice.

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