Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Busy Tuesday Night

Last Tuesday night was busy. It was parent watch night for Lauren's dance classes. She is in ballet and tap, and parents only get to observe once a semester. Evan and I made it to ballet, then Roger made it for tap. She has enjoyed it very much. Their recitals will be in May and we got to see their pretty costumes they will be wearing. The theme this year is movies, and for ballet they will be dancing to a theme from Harry Potter in a velvety nutmeg colored ballet dress. For tap it's a song called Cuban Pete from The Mask in a red almost flapper-like style dress. That's not exactly the right description for it, but it's close. Lauren is in love with her tap dress. I didn't think the dresses were bad at all. The teacher did make a point of pointing out that the dresses do cover up the girls nicely because at their age they still like to be covered up. What?! Does this mean as she matures into a teenager they may have some costumes that may be kind of questionable? I sure hope not! I don't have any pics to show, so you'll have to wait until May.

About 15 minutes into tap class, Evan and I had to leave so I could take him to the ice skating rink where he met up with some of the youth group from church. Since the rink is downtown and there was really no where for me to go, I stayed and chatted with some other moms from church and watched the kids skate. The rink has an observation floor upstairs so we can get a really good view of everything sitting in some chairs and don't have to be in the cold rink itself freezing in the bleachers.

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