Monday, November 12, 2012

Leaves, Leaves, and More Leaves!

Yes, our autumn has been a very warm one--up until yesterday. We were making records with our warm temps, and then yesterday the high was around 40. But, it seems to me that we have been able to enjoy the turning of the leaves longer than past years. Our backyard has so many trees that our lawn has turned into a carpet of leaves. It has been so fun creating huge piles that the kids and neighbor kids are enjoying playing in.

You might notice in the first few pics that the kids are in shorts. The temp was in the 80s!
Evan creating a Lauren mountain.
Lauren burying Evan--can you find his face?

For the next pics, Roger had gotten out the lawn mower and bagged up a bunch of leaves to create a humongous pile. Do you see the pink and black? Those were the kids' jackets. Hopefully it gives you a perspective of just how huge this pile was. 

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