Thursday, February 14, 2013


Three weeks ago Evan got top teeth braces. They got put on in the morning and by the afternoon one bracket had popped off his tooth. I called the orthodontist and the receptionist asked if it was bothering him. I said no, so they did not want him to come back in to get it fixed until 4 days from then. It wasn't hurting him or anything but the bracket started swinging around on the wire and we just thought that was weird so I didn't even call back, we just went straight to the orthodontist and I was going to make them fix it. As soon as we walked in, the receptionist was actually glad to see us because she said as soon as she got off the phone with me she felt she should have told us to come on in. (Well, she could have called me back...but anyways, I'm glad I decided to just show up). They said the reason the bracket popped off the tooth was because that particular tooth had so much pressure on it. Another lady bonded it back on and we think she didn't bend back the end of the wire because Evan started noticing it poking him in the cheek. Once we got home, we fiddled around for a while trying to figure out how to get the wax on so it wouldn't rub so bad. Once we finally figured that out, and after two days of Motrin which is what the orthodontist told us to do, he was feeling a lot better.

I am happy to say that he is doing great. After those first couple of days, he has not had anything bothering him since. He is still adjusting to figuring out how to chew certain foods, and is doing a great job obeying what foods not to eat, but he sure misses his favorite dessert--popcorn. The lady who put his braces on was very impressed with what a good job he had been doing keeping his teeth clean, and they get rewards based on if he can keep his teeth that way. Even though I never had braces, the kids who did when I was Evan's age hated them and got teased a lot. Evan has had a great attitude through the whole ordeal and is just so happy that his teeth will be corrected. He says if anybody makes fun of him, we will just simply shrug and think about how nice his teeth will be once the braces come off. Just the other night he wanted me to look at his teeth because the gap between his front teeth was already closing and he was so excited! I never took a before pic of his teeth, but I found one from a couple of months ago, and then in the next pic you can see his teeth with the gap closing in. In 5 weeks he goes back to get braces put on his bottom teeth.


  1. It sounds like he off to a great start. I hope his whole experience is as good as Leah's was. She did a great job of taking care of her teeth. Every visit the lady commented on how well she was taking care and doing what she was told--unlike a lot of kids, I guess.

  2. The view on braces in the past and today is really ways apart, especially when it comes to kids. Some girls even treat it as a fashion statement. I heard from my dentist that there was one girl who wanted braces even though she had no need for them, for the simple reason that most of her friends had it.

    Randal Cole