Monday, February 25, 2013

Fun In the Snow!

Last Wednesday and Thursday we got snow--over 14" of the stuff! It was the 2nd biggest snow storm in Wichita history! On Wednesday all of the school districts were dismissing early. Roger made it home from work that day fine. On Thursday morning, schools were closed and so many businesses were closing, but not Roger's. He tried to go in to work, but couldn't even make it out of our driveway. Even if he had, I really don't know how he would have made it down our snow packed country road. So, he called in and said he wasn't coming, and then a couple of hours later his work decided to shut down. I even allowed the kids a snow day from school Thursday.

On Wednesday the snow did let up a little while and wouldn't you know it, it stopped during the time the kids and I had dental appointments in the afternoon, but I had cancelled thinking the it would be too dangerous for us to try to get into town. I'm glad I canceled though, because the streets were not plowed, and there were so many car accidents all over town. Then the snow picked back up again. However, even with the snow falling, the temps were not that cold, and it was such a gentle falling snow the kids literally played outside for hours at a time on both days.

Thursday Roger and Evan had spent some time in the morning shoveling the driveway. They got a little bit done and then down our country road came a farmer in a humongous tractor. He drove right up to our driveway and plowed it for us and then plowed all of the neighbors' and the road! Roger gave him a cup of hot cocoa to thank him and found out his name was Rick. We're not sure where he lives and Roger said he seemed like he didn't want to talk because he wanted to keep plowing, so we don't know anything else about him.
Plowing our driveway
Roger giving him some hot cocoa
The neighbors built igloos, forts, and a hill the kids went sledding on. Evan built some tunnels and a s'nome-man (gnome/snowman) with dad's help and a ladder. A lot of fun was had with this snow storm, and it was most definitely an answer to prayer because we have had such a warm, dry winter.
Wednesday fun:
Lauren getting buried in the snow
Evan and neighbor building some snow walls
Lauren seemed to enjoy laying underneath the trampoline eating snow
Burying the neighbor
Some more neighbors building a fort
Our lovely pile of winter clothes after hours of playing in the snow

Thursday fun:
More snow on the deck than yesterday

Shoveling the drive before the farmer plowed us out
Building a snow tunnel
Deep snow
The farmer dumped the snow into a tall hill by the mailbox
Another snow tunnel
You can see the snow was still falling but the kids loved playing in it for hours
Right now, it's 4 days since we received the 14" and snow is falling once again. It's gentle as I'm typing, but it's not supposed to stay that way. We are expecting another 7-10" with blizzard conditions. Our grocery stores have empty shelves as people have been stocking up on groceries. Yesterday, Sunday, the school districts decided to go ahead and close schools again for a 3rd snow day. I think kids could have gone in this morning, but it's the afternoon everyone's worried about. Tomorrow is supposed to be the worst, so I'm sure the school districts will have their 4th snow day. I also have a feeling Roger will be home tomorrow for a snow day, and may have to come home early today as the storm gets stronger.
The s'nome'man

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