Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Couple of Busy Weeks

Busy, busy...that's what life's been like lately. I keep looking at the calendar going why do we have so much going on. It's really not that much, and especially since we homeschool and are home during the day, when the activities come at night it's not like the kids have to worry about getting homework done, doing their activity, rushing supper, etc. like public school have to worry about, but still, it sure feels busy right now.

A couple of weeks ago Roger left on a Sunday to go to Mexico for his job. The night before he left which was the night after the robotics competition, Lauren had a fever and was throwing up. She was sick for several days while Roger was gone. Then, a couple of days before Roger came home I got sick. No throwing up, but tiny fever, run down, achy, miserable. Roger came home at 10:00 at night on Friday, shortly after I dropped off Evan at a city church where his Boy Scout troop was spending the night. I had been to this church before for a concert, but had no idea they had this community recreation center that had basketball, skating, billiards, concession stand and more! Roger went to pick him up at 7:30 Saturday morning. I asked him when he finally went to sleep Friday night and Evan said he was up playing the entire night! Well, okay, but considering he had a soccer game at 1:30 Saturday, the kid was wiped even after his 4 hour nap before his game. I went off on a little tangent to Hubby (I blame my miserable sickness) about how all of the Boy Scout activities have to be picked and chosen, especially when there are other activities around the same time. We need to choose some priorities and not try to be involved in every single activity that is offered. Too busy!

On St. Patrick's day Lauren and I went to see Disney on Ice--a first for both of us. The guys opted not to go and that was a really wise decision on their part because they would have been bored. I was a little bored, but it was fun watching Lauren enjoy the show. I think she sat on the edge of her seat the whole time. We had gotten some great ticket prices because this day they were having a special section for Girl Scouts. They sent Lauren a GS badge we ironed on to her vest, and they said to dress up in as much green as possible along with her vest and they would pick one of the scouts all decorated to sit in the front row for the show. We were some of the first people to arrive and find our seats, and waited and waited, but not once did we see them pick any G Scouts to sit up front like they said they would. We were pretty upset because we went out of our way to make Lauren all green. She had green leggings, shirt, and a great big green bow. At intermission we went out to get some cotton candy. After waiting in line, it wasn't until we finally got to the table that I realized the cotton candy was $12! What?! Yep, they sold it with a Micky Mouse ears crown, so I guess that's why the price. I still bought it for her since this was a special occasion and I knew things were not going to be cheap, but good grief!

Besides Lauren being all dressed in green for Disney On Ice, we had also painted our nails green. This was a great decision because it goes along with what we did a few days later in the week which has to do with an Emerald City.

Last week was Spring Break for all of the school districts. The kids did do some school like usual, but then I think one day I reduced their amount of normal work, and gave them one whole day off. Roger took off an afternoon and took us all to see Oz The Great and Powerful in 3D. I am a HUGE Wizard of Oz fan, so I was anxious to see this. We liked it. I think it's pretty neat the story they came up with as to how the wizard got to Oz. How the wicked witch of the West became her green mean self was interesting too, but it's a totally different story than how the Broadway musical Wicked teaches about her, so now I'm all confused LOL! The movie theater had this big cutout for the movie in the lobby and Lauren and I wanted our picture taken with it. Hubby commented after he took the pic that I always bend over with Lauren. I am just trying to bend over to her height a little, but when I saw this pic I said, "Good grief! I had no idea I bend over that much. The way my jacket is puffing out at my chest and stomach areas, and the way I am bent over, I look like a hunched over gorilla! Yuck!"

So, we had a busy "green" week. Wish I could say we will be slowing down a little, but I think we're actually getting busier if that's possible! Oh well, just a season.

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