Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Last Tuesday

Last week Lauren had her piano lessons--she started in February. She is doing so well with them just like I knew she would. Now, if we could just find a really cheap, yet nice piano to buy. We have a keyboard and I'm grateful for that, but having a piano would be better. Some day..... Anyways, her piano teacher is so nice and only lives literally 5 minutes down the street from us. There will be a recital June 1st.

After piano we went to the orthodontist so Evan could get his bottom braces on. He is doing really well with these. He's never complained of hurting or pain, just some soreness, but with both of his top and bottoms, after 2-3 days he's eating regular food again. He is so happy to have them. He's had his tops for 9 weeks now and his front tooth gap is already closed and his teeth are definitely straightening out allowing room for those teeth that haven't come through yet. They also added springs to his top wire which will allow some adjusting room for when those eye teeth grow in.

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