Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More Anniversary Pics

Here are more pics from the anniversary trip Roger and I took to Glenwood Springs Colorado...

We hiked up a mountain to find a cemetery where Doc Holiday is supposed to be buried. He did live out his last years and then died in Glenwood Springs, but nobody know for sure if he is actually buried in this cemetery.

We were supposed to go horseback riding for an hour; something I was looking forward to more than the rafting. We showed up at our appointed time in the morning, along with another couple and waited and waited, but nobody was arriving. We weren't receiving reception for our phone, but the other couple finally found a spot for reception and starting calling. Finally someone was reached and we were told that because it had been lightly raining all night, the ride had been called off because it would have been too slippery for the horses. Okay, we understood that, but it sure would have been nice if someone would have called us before we arrived for the ride, or at least met us at the stables to let us know in person. Oh, I was really disappointed. The horses looked so healthy and nice, and the scenery would have been beautiful!

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