Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Yet, More Glenwood Springs Pictures

This was our view from our hotel room. We stayed in the Marriott Residence Inn--one of the nicest hotels ever. I lost my pics of the hotel.

Taking pics down by the Colorado River--we would be rafting on these same spots later on.

This was a zipline that we almost did, but decided we would rather horseback ride. Even though the horseback riding didn't work out, we're still glad we didn't zipline, because it really didn't seem like that big of a deal--you just go once across the Colorado River.

We spotted this store as we drove around town. There was even a sign outside that said "Hash Sale Today." Yeah, we kept on driving...

This was at the Glenwood Springs Hotel Hot Springs Pool--one of the things Glenwood Springs is famous for. It's minerals that are supposed to help your health. Even though it was chilly because we went at night, the pool was so warm. There was a smaller pool that was really warm, you could only stand about 10 minutes in it, but the large pool was very comfortable.

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