Tuesday, February 28, 2012

KS Cosmosphere

We went on a field trip a couple of weeks ago with our homeschooling group to the KS Cosmosphere in Hutchinson. For $8 a person we go to see an Imax movie about a space shuttle crew repairing the Hubble telescope, a planetarium show that taught us about the position of the stars we can see in the northern hemisphere in the different seasons, a personal 1 hour tour of the museum, ice cream made in about a minute with freezing liquid oxygen (I think) and it tasted really yummy, and then learn about Robert Goddard and see some experiments to help us learn the stages in how he created the rocket. Roger got to come with us on this field trip. It was a lot of fun at such a great price! I didn't get a lot of pics, but here are a few.

Showing us a rocket experiment with a water jug in a closed container. It went fast and boomed!
Evan collects squished pennies and the cosmosphere had a machine.
Replica of the Mars rover.

More Mars rovers.

You can see the parts of me that are warm and cool.
Controlling the Mars rover.
Steam molecules bumping into each other.
Liquid molecules flowing together.
Making the ice cream.

To hard to see, but this is liquid oxygen and it is a blue color, while liquid nitrogen is clear.
Replica of the moon rocket booster launch pad the first astronauts used to get off the moon back to their shuttle.

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